Since 1925,Trojan Battery Company has been known for delivering the world’s most trusted deep cycle solar batteries with superior engineering and innovative product design.

Clean, durable and long-lasting, renewable energy users all over the globe know Trojan Deep Cycle batteries are the perfect addition to any solar/photovoltaic, small wind, and micro-hydro application, even in the harshest of environments. Trojan Battery - Dependable, Uninterrupted Power.

Trojan's proprietary Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® paste formulation team up to     increase battery life, extend run time and decrease maintenance. Models are available in ultra-durable Polyon™ cases for heavy service applications in extreme environments. A 5-7 year limited warranty available for the RE Series batteries   Outstanding technical support is available on the phone or on the web. Products are available through Trojan's worldwide network of Master Distributors.

Trojan T125 – 6v Series 240 Ah Deep Cycle Monobloc Battery 
Trojan battery range give maximum running time per day with large Heavy Duty deep cycle plates. 

The High density oxide mix reduces wear and lengthens product life , Reduced maintenance and water consumption with exclusive Flexi-Sil multi rib separators . These Deep cycle lead acid batteries are durable, efficient, economical and recyclable

Battery Voltage 6V
Battery Type Deep-Cycle Flooded/Wet Lead-Acid Battery
5 Hour Rate 215ah
10 Hour Rate 239ah
20 Hour Rate 260ah
Terminal Type LPT,WNT,AP,UT.
Warranty 1 Year

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Trojan SSIG 6V 290 (T145)

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  • Product Code: Trojan SSIG 6V 290 (T145)
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